impact matters

We are developing a completely new model of farming and supply chain to ensure that we do not contribute to the negative impact of agriculture. In fact, we are working to reverse many negative aspects of traditional agriculture. Every resource on our Vertical Farm is utilized multiple times more efficiently than any traditional land farm.



Land is a primary resource for human sustenance. However, Soil health has been depleting each year, especially in developing countries like India. There is too much pressure on land to give more yield to serve the quickly growing global population. Result: the quality of food that you eat is suffering. The possibilities of a reversal in trend in future looks highly uncertain! 

Our soil is no longer healthy enough to filter harmful and needless elements and render food safety. By growing indoors, without soil, we ensure that nothing unwanted enters your food.



Statistics say that of all the usable water present on earth, 70% goes into agriculture. 70%-90% of it gets contaminated and further degrades the underground water table. With the global population quickly rising, increase in stress on water is inevitable. 

We understand that it is not the sustainable way to go into the future and alternative actions must be taken to control and contain the issue. We recycle our water consistently and make sure every drop is put to the most optimum use. We use highly advanced misting and dripping techniques to minimize overuse. Our farms use only about 5% of the water used in traditional agriculture, So you can live in an abundant future!

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Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, because they are sprayed or spread across entire agricultural fields.  Runoff can carry pesticides into aquatic environments impacting aquatic life while wind can carry them to other fields, grazing areas, human settlements; adversely impacting animal and humans. Overuse of pesticides over several decades have led to poisoning of soil, massive reduction in beneficial microorganisms and mushrooming of several dangerous ones. 

Pests literally never get started in our farms. We therefore never need any kind of pesticides.


Changing Weather

With incredible advancements in Technologies and farming practices, World can produce enough food to meet global demands. We still see spectacular crop failures leading to farmer distress and deaths! Heat is becoming more Intense, floods more violent and draughts more common. 

Our Crops grow without any concern of change in weather, monsoon patterns etc. Your food is available across the year without any compromise in quality, equally fresher each time!


Carbon Emissions

Traditional Agriculture practices account for massive carbon enhancement. From pumping up the water from deep reservoirs to efficient irrigation; use of tractors, tillers to other farm equipment for harvesting, the carbon footprint is generated everywhere. Further, the food is grown several hundred to thousand kilometers away from consumption areas putting a heavy load on road transport and hence emissions. 

We grow in urban backyards, very near to major consumption centers. This reduces emissions in transport. Our farms are further supported by completely safe renewable solar energy.

According to the WWF, unsustainable farming practices are rapidly leading to

We are on a mission to improve the quality of life on our planet! Just like our farms, we want to make our earth, Absolute fresh.