how we grow

At Absolute Foods, we are intersecting technology, science, and agriculture to go beyond what even Organic food can offer! All our produce is 100% natural and Non-GMO. We control every aspect of farming, from seed to harvest, to ensure highest quality of produce. Our veggies are densely loaded with nutrition and grow without any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or adulterants.


Quality of seeds is the necessary first step. We source our seeds from the most trusted suppliers across the world. All our seeds are Non-GMO and certified by multiple global agencies. Multiple research teams worked on ensuring the highest quality of seeds for Absolute Foods.


We grow in the cities we live. Our food is delivered to consumers on the day of harvest. Our structures and grow media are 100% food grade.



We combine the best wisdom from traditional agriculture with the latest in agriscience and plant biology.

Then we automate the process of plant growth taking regular inputs from our IoT devices to closely monitor plant health, nutritional content, taste, texture and optimal harvest time among multiple other factors. 



We use LED lights to mimic full spectrum of the sun. We use reverse osmosis process of purify water to deliver the required nutrients to the plants. We monitor and control the water requirement of each plant and hence we are able to use 95% less water than traditional agriculture.



We can control almost every aspect of what we grow, color, flavor, texture and nutrition. We can make your greens taste better- sweeter, spicier, as you like! If you are looking for a special flavor of veggies and can't find it, you know where to reach out to!



Once harvested, Absolute Foods produce reaches consumers, retail stores, and restaurants on the same day.